Want Ellie’s Guitar from The Last of Us 2 in Real Life? There’s a Cost

Face the music.

With The Last of Us: Part II, the acoustic guitar has become symbolic of the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Without going into spoiler territory, there are several points in the game where Ellie can pick up this instrument and play, giving you the freedom to pick chords and strum using the controller’s touch pad. It’s already generated some impressive results, as you can imagine.

But what of the guitar itself? The one that Ellie owns in the game is a particular guitar, based on a real make and model. Naughty Dog partnered with Taylor to design the instrument for the game, but they went a step further. Yes, you can now pre-order a replica of the in-game guitar so you can continue practising away from all the post-apocalyptic noise.

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