Valve promises to learn from Steam’s Summer Sale, and gives away 5,000 more games

The Steam Summer Sale comes to an end later today, but Team Corgi has already been confirmed as the runaway winners of the Steam Grand Prix. So dominant was Corgi’s performance, however, that Valve says it’ll be making some much-needed changes ahead of the next race.

In a concluding message, Valve thanked the Grand Prix’s participants, but also acknowledged that the competition had had its problems – Team Corgi’s win-streak notwithstanding, the event also appeared to encourage many users to delete indie games from their wishlists in their thousands. Valve says that it tried to straighten those issues out, and promises to “anticipate the curves better next time we invite you to the races.”

The races are now over, but you can exchange the tokens you earned throughout the Grand Prix to mop up some extra rewards in the Pit Stop. While almost all of the rewards have been handed out, Valve says that it’s randomly selected 5,000 users who participated in the event to receive the top game from their wishlist.


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