TinyBuild CEO denies withholding GOG patches for piracy concerns

TinyBuild is the publisher behind Hello Neighbor, Party Hard, Graveyard Keeper and other titles – and like many PC publishers, a number of its games can be found on GOG.com, DRM-free of course. However, for a while now players have noticed that a number of the publisher’s GOG releases have problems in some way – deluxe editions aren’t available, soundtracks are missing, and some even have DLCs not included.

The game Party Hard, for example, is missing all of its DLC and several patches – despite the sequel also getting a GOG release. This isn’t the case for every tinyBuild game on the store, as many are fully up-to-date with all features – but it was enough to prompt Reddit user Snolus to get in touch with a tinyBuild staff member on Discord.

Snolus was informed by this representative that GOG games were “practically impossible to support” due to them being DRM-free, and suggests that the publisher doesn’t support its GOG titles after launch due to piracy concerns. “The second one person purchases it, it is available to upload anywhere on the internet.”


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