Talking Point: Do You Agree with PS5’s Approach to Generations?

Exclusive games for new hardware.

With the PlayStation 5, Sony is sticking to what it knows. Alongside the announcement of its upcoming next-gen games reveal event, boss Jim Ryan conducted an interview with Games, where he stressed that it’s “time to give the PlayStation community something new, something different, that can really only be enjoyed on PS5”. The insinuation here is that we’re going to see true exclusive titles next week, which take full advantage of its new hardware.

Of course, throughout the history of console launches there has always been software designed to take advantage of the new box. Microsoft’s approach with Xbox Series X is causing some debate, however, because it has committed to releasing its titles on both its next-gen platform and its current one – at least for the first year or two. That means that games like Halo: Infinite will launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, and even Xbox One S.

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