STALKER 2 gets a website with new art and music

STALKER 2 was officially announced last year – though it was perhaps a bit premature, since developer GSC Game World was reportedly still seeking a publisher at the time. The studio’s apparently confident enough in the announcement to bring around a fresh round of promotion for the game. GSC has brought a new website live with a tiny new look at the upcoming title.

At the very appropriate URL, you’ll see a fresh bet of high-resolution art, featuring a man in a gas mask standing in front of a background of dilapidated factories. There’s a splatter of blood on his mask, and the sky is grey with ash. In short, it sure looks like a new STALKER game, just as the image we saw along with the original announcement did.

A foreboding music track is also available on the website, and the developers have also relaunched the game’s Twitter and added a flurry of activity to the official Facebook page. There’s also a tweet pointing toward the same 2021 release date posited in the announcement last year.


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