Sony Considering Bid for Warframe, Brink Developers

Could buy Hong Kong-based holding company.

According to Bloomberg, Sony is considering a bid for Hong Kong-based holding company Leyou Technologies, which owns Warframe developer Digital Extremes. The group also lists Brink creator Splash Damage among its subsidiaries, and has a significant stake in support studio Certain Affinity. The multiplayer focus of these teams would certainly plug a gap in PlayStation’s portfolio.

Of course, the Japanese giant is not the only organisation in the race: iDreamSky, a Chinese firm with Tencent among its investors, has been in discussion with Leyou for some time – and even tabled a $1.23 billion bid as part of a joint offer with CVC Capital Partners. The coronavirus pandemic brought those discussions to a stalemate, however, although the firm is still very much in the hunt.

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