Snoop Dogg to Star in Madden NFL 21’s Rags-to-Riches Campaign

High school prospect to superstar.

Snoop Dogg will make a cameo in Madden NFL 21’s revised Face of the Franchise mode, which will see you work your way up from high school prospect to bonafide NFL superstar. As part of a blog post, EA Sports has revealed how the campaign will expand upon last year’s effort, as you start out playing backup quarterback in high school before picking a college and working your way into the big leagues.

Throughout your career you’ll be faced with several different story scenarios, whether it’s to save a flagging franchise or make a dramatic comeback from injury. It sounds fun, but fans hoping for similar upgrades to the traditional Franchise mode may be disappointed to learn that this year’s improvements focus on new X-Factor abilities and an expanded Wildcard Playoff round.

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