Review: The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 4: Take Us Back Is a Fitting Farewell for an Old Friend

Be seein’ you, Sweetpea.

Telltale’s horrific and very public implosion spelled disaster for the end of Clementine’s story. Halfway through the Final Season of The Walking Dead, we all got to witness the plug be unceremoniously pulled, only to have publisher Skybound swoop in and essentially rehire the entire Telltale team working on the final season, allowing the story to have the sendoff it deserves. And that is, thankfully, exactly what we get; the finale Clementine deserves.

One of the biggest strengths of the final season has been the small nature of the story. Our heroes aren’t trying to “cure zombieism”. Clem and AJ are trying to find a safe, long-term home. This scope continues in the finale. Things start pretty intense, as the fallout of Episode 3’s finale is wrapped up, but things quickly reduce in scope, as we return to the emotional core of the series; Clementine and AJ. The finale’s two or so hours focus heavily on this relationship, and perhaps even more interestingly, the psychological impact of growing up in a world where constantly killing people is the norm. The way Clementine teaches AJ to survive through the season comes to a head here, mirroring the way Lee teaches Clementine all the way back in the first season. Did you do a good job? Did AJ grow up with a good mentor? Or did you turn him into an actual sociopath? Sometimes this line gets blurred a little bit, as there are multiple instances of AJ going off on rather horrifying megalomaniacal rants about who has the right to choose who lives and dies. This can be at odds with the decisions you make sometimes, but it usually doesn’t go so far as to actually upset the storytelling.

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