Review: Sea of Solitude – Gorgeous Graphics, Generic Gameplay

Message in a bottle.

The EA Originals program has been going strong these past couple of years. As its most high profile release, A Way Out was a fairly major success thanks to its unique take on co-operative gameplay, while smaller titles such as Fe and Unravel have helped to somewhat diversify EA’s portfolio beyond sports titles and Battlefield. It’s a positive initiative, but it looks like we’ve stumbled upon its first dud. Sea of Solitude, from German developer Jo-Mei Games, has something to say, but its message drowns amongst an ocean of indifference. It’s just sort of okay.

Corneila Geppert and her team set out to create a game based on loneliness, and it shows. As Kay, you’ll explore a vast stretch of sea aboard a rowing boat – with the kicker being that these waters are inhabited by monsters. They hit a lot closer to home than you might think, though, as those beasts of the deep inherit the voices and personalities of Kay’s family members and closest friends. It’s an exploration of problems and issues that were right there before her very eyes, but were never picked up on due to the protagonist’s inconsequential battle with young love.

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