Review: Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Armoured Avenger Flies High on PSVR

Put on the suit.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR represents another concerted effort from the comic book powerhouse to bring its characters to gaming in a meaningful way. Following the immense success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, this PlayStation VR exclusive had a lot to live up to. The end result is a highly impressive action title that goes the distance to literally put you in the shoes of the titular superhero.

With a PS Move controller in each hand and the headset strapped to your noggin, you already feel geared up, and Iron Man fits the virtual reality mould very well indeed. Holding down the triggers fires the suit’s thrusters, and you’ll be propelled from wherever you’re aiming your palms. To fly forward, for example, you hold the controllers down by your side, palms back; to fly up, hold your arms out in front of you, palms down. It’s an instantly intuitive movement system, and between your hand positions and the direction you’re facing, you’ll be soaring through the sky and feeling invincible.

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