PS Move Poised to Persist into PS5 Generation


If you went back to 2010 and told us that the PlayStation Move would not only be relevant ten years later but actually sought after, we’d have spat in your Vanilla Coca-Cola. Sony’s illuminating wands were seen as the losers of the motion control war, beaten out by the vastly more popular Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect. But while those two devices have been abandoned, the PS Move looks set to last another generation.

The Japanese giant confirmed today that existing PlayStation VR headsets will be compatible with the PlayStation 5, and unless there’s something crazy going on with the DualShock 5, we suspect this confirms PS Move support, too. It’s likely that there will be new motion controllers created for an updated virtual reality headset somewhere down the line, but the PS Move will still need to function for backwards compatibility purposes.

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