Physics-Based Brawler Party Animals Coming to PS4 Later This Year

Console release inbound.

Party Animals is a wonky, physics-based multiplayer brawler, and those are nearly always a good laugh. Developed by Recreate Games, the title pits plushies against each other in four-player bouts, not unlike the popular Gang Beasts. Having said that, a point of difference is a co-op twist, in which some levels will feature some common objectives in addition to some cuddly fisticuffs. We’ve embedded a trailer above to give you an idea.

It’s been in the works for PC, but following a very successful Steam demo — which was so popular the servers couldn’t handle the number of players — the studio is now working on a PlayStation 4 version. There’s no firm release date as yet, but the aim is to release Party Animals later on in 2020.

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