Overcooked 2 Season Pass Serves Up Three Courses of DLC, Starting with Campfire Cook Off

Seasoning Pass?

Overcooked 2 is a game that just keeps on giving. The game launched with a decent number of stages, not to mention online multiplayer, and developer Ghost Town Games keeps wheeling new dishes out of the kitchen to keep us at the table. The latest announcement is for Campfire Cook Off, which has a teaser trailer — check it out above.

This new DLC, which will bring fresh levels, recipes, gameplay mechanics, and chefs, is set to arrive on 18th April. However, also launching on the same day is, yes, a Season Pass. Campfire Cook Off is the first of three DLC packs to feature on the co-op cooking game’s season pass, which will be available for £14.99 / $18.99. It seems the meal isn’t over yet.

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