League of Legends’ Teamfight Tactics hits open beta tomorrow

Riot Games has fired the next shot in the autobattler arms race. In a press release earlier today, the League of Legends developer confirmed that Teamfight Tactics, its take on Dota Auto Chess, launches into open beta tomorrow, June 26.

Riot announced Teamfight Tactics earlier this month, and the game mode entered closed testing via League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment (PBE) around a week later, where its popularity caused hours-long queues and ran the risk of crashing the entire system. The open beta will release tomorrow morning in NA, and will be available in EUW and EUNE in the afternoon. Rollouts for other regions should be completed by Friday.

Teamfight Tactics will be available for free to all players, whether they’ve been playing League of Legends for years or are brand-new to the game. Players in EUW, EUNE, and other regions will have to wait a few days to get access to the new mode, as riot says that tomorrow’s release is the start of a “multi-regional launch” that will be “rolling throughout the week.”


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