Hands On: Whiteboyz Wit Attitude: The Pursuit of Money Must Be Seen to Be Believed

Wear the Purp.

Every so often, a game comes out of nowhere and completely blows you away. It could be a cool, little indie title that the PlayStation Blog highlights in its weekly The Drop post or a game you haven’t given enough attention to in general, but either way, it’s a pleasant surprise. Whiteboyz Wit Attitude: The Pursuit of Money is a perfect example of that, except it fits into neither of those two categories. In fact, it’s an experience which defies genres. This is a title which does the talking for us as part of its introductory page, so we’ll simply quote it. Don’t worry, however, it’s…incredible.

“The Whiteboyz Wit Attitude were formed in 2007 after hearing the song Crank That Soulja Boy on the radio. Convinced they could make something just as good, they put out four albums that were circulated in the Mt. Venon, Illinois music scene. WWA hopes to bring hip hop back to its roots with banging beats, epic flows, and a focus on lyricism. The group is made up of two friends who worked on a farm: Dr. White and Crushed Ice. Prior to becoming rappers, Dr. White worked as an animal doctor on the farm. Crushed Ice manned the machinery and worked as a bartender on the side. Their new album The Pursuit of Money is an epic culmination of all their best songs. Get ready to experience the most banging hip hop tracks you’ve ever heard.”

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