Hands On: Beyond Blue Helps Bring BBC’s Nature Series To Gaming

Da-Ba-Dee, Da-Ba-Die.

Scattered among all of the big titles at PAX East 2019 is a veritable treasure-trove of indie games. One of the titles that grabs our attention right away is an aquatic adventure title, Beyond Blue, from E-Line Media, the team behind the absolutely wonderful Never Alone. A game that blended a great platforming title with a fascinating emphasis on education, Never Alone was a title we loved. It was one of the great early indie titles back when the PS4 was in its infancy, and this connection got us both excited and intrigued about this new title. Would it incorporate educational elements again? Would it be a platformer or spread out into a new genre? Luckily, we got some hands-on time with the title and the chance to chat with E-Line’s CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Angst to find answers to our questions.

The first thing that’s immediately apparent when playing Beyond Blue is just how strikingly beautiful it is. Rather than a frigid arctic environment, we are in the ocean, exploring a stunning reef area, populated with a vast array of sea life. We asked Michael about the overall scope of the game, and the reef that was being demoed at PAX is one of three large environments to be explored in the game. The reef joins a shelf area where the open sea meets more coastal environments, and then a deeper, darker area that deals with more of the creepy aspects of ocean life. “We wanted to capture the moods of these spaces,” Angst tells us. “The millions and millions of years of evolution and adaptation that are evident and the way they interact are incredible.”

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