Guide: Best PS5 and PS4 External Hard Drives

HDDs to suit every budget.

What are the best external Hard Drives and SSDs for PS5 and PS4? To increase your PS5 or PS4’s storage, you can plug in an external HDD or solid state drive via USB 3.0 connection. It’s extremely easy, and will greatly increase the number of games you can have on your console at once.

So, which is the best PS5 and PS4 external hard drive upgrade option for you? Should you use a HDD or SSD? As part of our PS5 guide, we’re going to explain all you need to know here. A lot of this will depend on your budget, but the type of drive you use will also depend on whether the console in question is a PS5 or PS4. Don’t worry, we’re going to explain everything in this guide, and provide you with plenty of options to purchase. If you’re looking for more info on PS5’s built-in SSD, you can find out more here: PS5 SSD: Why It’s Better Than HDD and PS5 SSD: How Much Storage Space Does It Have?

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