Gearbox teases a fourth PAX East game reveal

March 15, 2019 Another day, another Gearbox teaser.

After teasing Borderlands 3, a fresh game with robots, and something related to Borderlands 2, Gearbox has officially gone off the teaser deep end. The latest hint is an ampersand, drawn in deep red against a black background. What’s it mean? Is it something new? Is it a clever way of referencing the ‘Borderl&s’ series? I guess we’ll find out at PAX East.

The tweet comes alongside the simple message “time to tease another game for PAX.” That same message has accompanied every teaser since the first one – the one that seems to be Borderlands 3 – and it’s at this point I’m starting to wonder if we’re all just playing into a big old troll session.

The previous original teaser, which you can check out for yourself further down this article, features the caption “time to tease another game for PAX,” accompanied by an image presumably related to the game in question. Seen through a doorway, that image shows off something that looks a little like an operating theatre, but instead of a person, there’s a deconstructed robot chassis and an awful lot of protruding wires.


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