Future Games Show to Be Hosted by Gaming’s Greatest Couple

Meet the Drakes.

There are plenty of gaming events coming up over the next few weeks, but not all of them can boast about their star-studded hosts. PlayStation royalty is lined up to host the Future Games Show on 6th June 2020: Nolan North and Emily Rose. Otherwise known as Nathan and Elena Drake of Uncharted fame, of course. While the pair sadly won’t be in character, it’s a neat win for the event, and should make for an entertaining show.

“Quarantine may be Nate and Elena’s current adventure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired and uplifted by the creativity and imagination of games creators from across the globe,” Nolan North told GamesRadar. He adds that it will be “an honor to host the Future Games Show with my dear friend Emily Rose”.

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