Fortnite World Cup cheater is dropped after the cheat maker turns him in

$30 million is a lot of money. If you’re a professional Fortnite player competing in the game’s World Cup, the promise of all that cash can be awfully tempting. One Fortnite pro has already succumbed to that temptation, as he tried to use cheating software to give himself an advantage. Unfortunately for the cheater, he was caught – and in a bizarre turn of events, it was the cheat maker himself who turned the pro in.

Johnathan Kosmala is the now-former Fortnite professional player in question, and was representing Team Kaliber during the first week of qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup in July. He was caught cheating during those games – but only after the maker of the cheat himself, known as CBV, snitched on him.

According to CBV (via Polygon), while he obviously doesn’t have any problems with Fortnite players using his software generally – or as he puts in, to “have fun, looking for a stream, stomp pubs” – he draws the line at anyone cheating “to win money and scam other players who are playing legitimately”.


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