Fortnite Fortbyte 40: Accessible with the Demi outfit on a sundail in the desert

Where is Fortbyte 40 in Fortnite? The ninth chapter in the game’s giant puzzle is nearing its end, but there are still some left to find. We’re going to show you exactly where to find today’s chip, and more importantly, the outfit you’ll need to be wearing.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to have made significant progress on the Season 9 Battle Pass to grab this one. Today’s challenge requires the use of the Demi Outfit, which will require you to be at least tier 87.

Given that the season is nearly over, Epic is betting most regular players will be at this point. You’ll have to have picked up the pass for 950 V-Bucks, and been doing your weekly challenges to ensure you can complete all of these Fortnite Fortbyte locations challenges.

As most of you will know, this is the latest development in the Battle Royale’s mammoth daily puzzle challenge. There are a total of 100 collectibles, with the promise of a prize for finding them all.


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