Feature: Rocket League: A Celebration to Five Years


Rocket League celebrated its fifth anniversary on Wednesday, and we can hardly believe it. Introducing many players to Soccar back in 2015, this once-indie game has become a defining multiplayer experience for PlayStation 4 and, according to Psyonix’s latest figures, an incredible 75 million players have registered since launch. Scoring 29 billion goals altogether, you can just picture “What a Save!” being spammed in quick chat already.

Psyonix has prepared an in-game event to celebrate this landmark, bringing new cosmetic items and some limited time game modes. Like many hits, it came from humble origins — but how did a small indie title become one of this generation’s most successful? To look at that takes us back to 2008, when Psyonix self-published the wildly named Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars! on PS3.

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