Epic will keep signing exclusives from Steam – “we won’t tell people ‘no’”

Tim Sweeney says that the company will continue signing exclusivity deals with upcoming games. In a series of tweets posted earlier this week, the Epic Games CEO said that the company is still open to exclusive titles, despite disappointment from players.

On April 1, Sweeney was asked to clarify the company’s position after it was revealed that Observation, the next game from the developers of Stories Untold, would be an Epic store exclusive, despite previous plans to release on Steam. That release seemed to directly contradict comments from Steve Allison, head of the Epic Games store, who said that the company didn’t want to repeat the mistakes made with Metro Exodus’ exclusive release.

On Twitter, Sweeney said that there had been plenty of discussions regarding those comments since GDC, but that “Epic is open to continuing to sign funding/exclusivity deals with willing developer and publishers regardless of their previous plans or announcements around Steam.” At first glance, that seems to go directly against Allison’s comments at GDC.


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