Cutesy Co-Op Game Bake ‘n Switch Rises to the Occasion on PS4 in 2020

Get that bread.

Cooperative cooking games work wonderfully, so we’re always happy to see more of them. Bake ‘n Switch is doing things a little differently from its clear inspiration, however. This adorable-looking game takes place in a land with living bread, and it’s the job of up to four players to turn the dough-like critters into flavourful baked goods.

There’s an element of LocoRoco in here, in that you need to combine the little bread beasties together to make larger ones. Once it’s a good size, you need to throw it into the oven to bake it and score points. However, things aren’t that straightforward; you may have to deal with baddies who’ll try and ruin the doughy creatures. There are also several types of bread critters, and the oven will specify which it wants next. The oven may also ask for flavoured dough, and certain levels will also feature pools of various flavours such as watermelon, coconut, or pineapple.

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