A Cuphead TV series is heading to Netflix

Based on everything I’ve heard about Cuphead, beneath that charming aesthetic lies a horrifying stress-filled nightmare. It’s been enough to deter me thus far, but if you’d like to experience the game’s adorable classic animation style without sending your heart rate through the roof, Netflix is stepping in to help out.

Earlier today, the streaming service announced that the indie hit – which has now sold more than four million copies – is being adapted into an animated series called The Cuphead Show! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will expand upon the world and characters explored in the game, and will feature both the titular Cuphead and his brother, Mugman.

The show is being made by King Features, which also owns the rights to classic cartoons like Popeye, Garfield, and Archie, although The Cuphead Show! will be the company’s first long-form animated series. Dave Wasson and Cosmo Serguson, who have worked on the Mickey Mouse and Rocko’s Modern Life franchises respectively, will co-executive produce.


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